Stealth Routers is a team of professionals specializing in VPN technologies and security. We are the first in industry to offer free vpn installation on a router purchased from us at a dramatically lower price than in the market. deals and install in the latest AC technology routers only - we do not service a,b,g or N "only" routers.
We are specialized in installing VPN for more that 50 VPN service providers. You name it, we have it! If you see your VPN Service provider is not in our list, contact us. We shall try to find the documentation online of your vpn provider, and if documentation is available, we shall install the service for you.
We take care of our customers. Please contact us anytime after purchasing the router from us for any issues or technical help if required (our setup is so sturdy and simple for users to follow, you will hardly ever need the technical assistance).
Each router is installed with custom firmware DD-WRT, and the manufacturer warranty ends at the time of 3rd party firmware installation. However, if there is ever any hardware issue within 6 months of purchase, we are always willing to repair or replace your device.